17 bodies have been recovered from the factory, Deputy Commissioner Korangi said

Deputy Commissioner Korangi said that the bodies of 17 people bodies have been recovered in the incident of fire in the factory.

 DC Korangi said no one else was reported trapped in the factory.

A fire broke out in a chemical factory in Korangi Mehran Town area of ​​Karachi and 17 workers were burnt to death on the spot.

According to fire brigade officials, there was a chemical used in making various items in the factory. The fire broke out in a chemical drum, which spread.

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Due to the severity of the fire, some parts of the building have started collapsing. According to the fire brigade, two rescue personnel were injured during the rescue operation and one of them fell from the second floor of the factory.

Police say all the windows of the factory were closed with grills, the rooms were lined with windows so that no one could reach the window, apparently the purpose of these measures is to prevent theft in the factory.