9 Phoenix police officers hurt after a gunman used a child to lure cops before shooting them

Police initially responded to reports of shots fired at a home in South Phoenix on Friday morning.

The shooter shot at police as they were attempted to remove a baby outside the residence

However, a man in the house shot the responding officer, striking him multiple times.

That officer is currently in a critical condition but is expected to recover, Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said at a press conference.

Williams said the situation then escalated to a standoff with the suspected gunman in the home.

Nine Phoenix police officers were injured on Friday morning

At some point during the standoff, a baby was placed in a carrier outside the home.

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A video captured by FOX3 NOW showed a man coming out with a baby, placing the child on the home’s doorstep, and then raising his hands to surrender.

“As officers went to bring that baby to safety, the suspect continued to shoot – firing and striking four other officers,” Chief Williams said. “At that time, our officers returned fire.”

An unidentified male was taken into custody after surrendering to police

Phoenix PD said nine officers were injured in total – four officers were hit directly, and four others were hit with shrapnel bullets.

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The gunman was later found dead in the home. The baby at the scene was uninjured.

Police said a woman was also shot during the incident and is in critical condition. It wasn’t immediately clear how the woman was injured.

Police are still trying to determine if the suspect, woman, and baby are all related to the gunman and what led up to the initial shooting.

It is unknown at this time what was the role of the man who brought the baby out of the house.

The unidentified man placed the baby on the doorstep of the home and proceeded to raise his hands

“If I seem upset, I am. This is senseless and doesn’t need to happen,” Chief Williams said.

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“I’m thankful our four officers are recovering, and one of them is seriously hurt but is on the road to recovery.”