A case of factory fire has been registered against the owners

A case of fire in a factory located in Korangi Industrial Area, Mehran Town, Karachi has been registered.

In the FIR registered at Korangi Industrial Area Police Station, the factory owners, management and security personnel have been named as accused.

The case has been registered in the official complaint under the cause of murder, in which the factory owner Ali Mehta, manager Imran Zaidi, 2 supervisors Zafar and Rehan and watchman Syed Zarin have been named.

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According to the FIR, there was no way out of the factory in case of emergency, while there was only one way out of the factory.

The FIR states that there was no alarm system in the factory, the janitor was asked to open the lock, the building was constructed in such a way that no one could get out in an emergency.

The text of the FIR also said that none of the accused involved in the incident has been arrested so far.

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It should be noted that 16 people died of burns and suffocation in the incident while one person died of shock over the death of his son.