Another major arrest in the case of pornographic films, a major increase in Shilpa Shetty’s problems

An accomplice of Raj Kandra, husband of Shilpa Shetty, who was arrested on charges of making obscene and immoral films, has also been arrested.

According to Indian media reports, Raj Kandra’s business associate Abhijeet Bumble was arrested. During his detention, he also confessed to his crime.

Abhijeet Bumble was arrested by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch on charges of directing pornographic films.

It is said that the arrest of Raj Kandra’s accomplice will increase Shilpa Shetty’s problems.

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Raj Kandra was arrested on July 19 on charges of making pornographic films and harassing models from his home.

Police say a case of making an immoral film against Raj Kandra was registered at the Malani police station on February 4, 2021 under the provisions of the Information Technology Act and the Improper Representation of Women Act. Are key characters.