Karachi: A plane stranded on Sea View managed to tie up with a tugboat

The operation to rescue Hang Tong, a cargo ship stranded on the sea view of Karachi, has increased the chances of success.

Selvage workers managed to tie Hang Tong to a tugboat.

According to the Selvage Company, the chances of success in the operation have increased today.

Security arrangements at Sea View have been tightened.

The operation to evacuate the stranded ship on Sea View was postponed yesterday due to breakage of barge anchors and incomplete operational preparations.

On the other hand, the ship Hang Tung 77 was seized by the government. According to the order of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, the experts declared the ship unusable for maritime purposes

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The ship’s navigation system and machinery are in poor condition, it is also a threat to human lives. The captain of the ship has been informed about all these things in writing.

In the first phase of the rescue operation, the anchor was buried in the sea and the ship was pushed into the sea with the wire tied to it. The power of the barge standing on the shore was used to pull the wire.

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It may be recalled that a cargo ship carrying several containers got stuck on the shores of Karachi on July 21. According to a KPT spokesperson, the ship came ashore due to high waves due to weak engine.

According to the captain of the ship, an anchor of the ship broke on July 20. He requested for immediate berth of the ship as it was difficult to handle the ship with an anchor but the berth was not given.

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The captain said that the second anchor of the ship broke at 1:15 pm on the night between July 20 and 21, as the captain made an emergency call at 1:20 pm, the emergency call was also being heard at Port Qasim and Manohra but KP T-Control did not help, KPT Control said in a meeting of officers.