Accused, including a Nigerian woman involved in the fraud, have 37 bank accounts in Pakistan

In Gujranwala, further progress has been made in the case of arrest of 3 accused including a Nigerian woman involved in fraud against Pakistanis. 37 bank accounts used by the accused in Pakistan have come to light.

The FIA ​​says the accused have looted crores of rupees from hundreds of Pakistanis.

The FIA ​​says the suspects were arrested last night in Islamabad from F-Ten.

According to the FIA, the ringleader of the group used to contact the people on the telephone and tell them that she had received a large amount of money from Afghanistan, from which she was financing the people.

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According to the FIA, money was collected from people in the name of advance expenses to send financial aid, and the money was also sent to Pakistani banks.