Fiza Ali revelation about his divorce

Leading actress, host and model of Pakistani showbiz industry Fiza Ali has revealed about the reason for her divorce.

Fiza Ali recently attended Jagan Kazim’s Morning Show as a guest, during which he also talked about his personal and professional life.

Fiza Ali, for the first time on a show, told her viewers about her divorce and the reasons behind the divorce.

Fiza Ali, in response to a question from host Jagan, said, “She was living in Karachi before her marriage to her ex-husband Fawad Farooq. Her husband was a businessman, so she came to Lahore with her husband. Were.

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Fiza Ali said that she had never had an argument with her ex-husband Fawad, nor had her husband ever abused her or raised her hand against her, but her husband is a social figure. I was interested in attending but it was not liked in the family to which she belongs.

Fawad Ali said that “Fawad was very fond of socializing and her husband wanted her to be social too and to have her (Fiza Ali’s) words in the circle of friends.”

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Fiza Ali said: “Her husband believed that everything she did was rubbish. She worked for two cents and it was more important for her husband to be social than to work in the industry. of the.’

Fiza Ali added in her interview that “there were some personal issues in our lives after which her family decided that she would not stay with Fawad, there was no quarrel and no atmosphere. It was bad, we are still in touch with each other for the sake of the daughter, she goes to Fawad’s house but if there is any problem, she stands outside the house and talks and she still calls her mother-in-law Amy Abu. There are. ‘

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It should be noted that Fiza Ali was married to Fawad Farooq in 2007 and has a daughter.