Admitted to Hareem Shah Hospital, video goes viral

The video of Pakistan’s controversial tiktok star and actress Hareem Shah being admitted to hospital has gone viral on social media.

Hareem Shah, who is more active on the photo and video sharing app Instagram and shares her latest videos for her fans with each passing day, has been admitted to the hospital.

Hareem Shah has posted a video on her official Instagram account in which she is in the hospital and lying on the ward bed.

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In the video, it can be seen that Hareem Shah is dressed in the clothes of the patients and drips are appearing in his hands.

At the same time, Hareem Shah has a bandage on his hand, which shows that he is unwell.

Hareem Shah has posted this video without caption which has been liked by many users so far.

It is to be noted that news of Hareem Shah’s marriage was circulating in recent days. In this regard, Hareem Shah while confirming her marriage had said that her husband is a member of PPP Sindh Assembly and a well-known personality.