Al-Qaeda could launch another attack on US from Afghanistan in next 1 year, US intelligence

Washington: US intelligence agencies have warned that al-Qaeda could use Afghan territory to attack the United States within a year.

According to a report published in Al-Arabiya News, at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance conference, US intelligence officials have expressed concern that the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda may reorganize itself in Afghanistan in the next one to two years.

Addressing the conference, Lt. Gen. Scott Breyer, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said: Because we expect al Qaeda to be a threat to the motherland again in the next year or two.

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Last month, US President Joe Biden’s orders to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan were completed, marking the end of America’s longest-running war. However, there are growing concerns in the United States that Afghanistan’s territory could once again be used for terrorist attacks on US and foreign interests.

Breyer’s concerns were echoed by CIA Deputy Director David Cohen, who also told the conference that intelligence officials were already aware of al Qaeda’s resurgence in Afghanistan. At the same conference, the director of national intelligence, Aurel Heinz, said that the biggest threat to the United States was not from Afghanistan, but from terrorists in Yemen, Syria, Somalia and Iraq. What we are seeing in Yemen and Somalia, Syria and Iraq is, in fact, the biggest threat.

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