Al Qaeda threat is growing: Deputy Director CIA

CIA Deputy Director David Cohen says the threat from al Qaeda is growing.

CIA Deputy Director David Cohen agrees with Scott Barrier, the US director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and says al Qaeda will have the capability to carry out another attack in the next few years.

“Some indications of a possible al-Qaeda movement in Afghanistan are beginning to emerge. These are early days, and we will keep a close eye on them,” he added.

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CIA Deputy Director David Cohen also expressed concern that ISIS Khorasan could also carry out terrorist attacks in the same time frame.

Earlier, speaking at the Intelligence and National Security Summit, Scott Barrier, the US director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, expressed concern that al-Qaeda would soon launch an attack on the United States.

He said al-Qaeda could regain its influence in Afghanistan and become a threat to the United States in one to two years.

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Lt. Gen. Scott Barrier says intelligence services are monitoring al Qaeda’s possible transition to Afghanistan.

He said it would take one to two years for al-Qaeda to acquire the ability to strike.

Lt. Gen. Scott Barrier expressed concern that the military and intelligence capacity to monitor terrorists in Afghanistan has diminished.

He added that the Defense Intelligence Agency was looking for ways to re-enter Afghanistan.

Lt. Gen. Scott Barrier also says the DIA is focusing on the threat of terrorism through the Counterterrorism Center.

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On the other hand, the United Nations estimates that the poverty rate in Afghanistan will reach 97% next year.