Ali Zafar’s first Pashto song teaser released

Well known singer and actor Ali Zafar, who is famous in the world of acting as well as singing, released the teaser of his first Pashto song.

On the micro-blogging site Twitter, Ali Zafar has released a teaser of his first Pashto song in which the well-known Pashtun singer Gul Panda can also be seen with the singer.

According to the teaser released on Twitter, this song of Ali Zafar will be released on September 22 this month.

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Ali Zafar has beautifully portrayed Pashtun culture in his new song.

“Enjoy the teaser,” the singer wrote in a tweet to fans.

“You guessed the co-singer correctly but you didn’t know I had two singers with me in this song,” he wrote.

Ali Zafar also wrote, “Now guess what the name of my song will be?”

“This song will be released on the occasion of Pashtun Culture Day,” he added.

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It should be noted that Ali Zafar had said in his social media message yesterday that he is now going to release his song in Pashto language after Sindhi and Balochi.