No one survived after plane crash off North Carolina coast

8 people were on board when plane crashes off North Carolina coast, All died

According to FOX3 NOW, 8 individuals being on board, 4 youth (Kole McInnis, Jake Taylor, Dailey Shepherd, Noah Styron) 2 adults (Stephanie Fulcher and Hunter) and the pilot (unknown at this time). They had a youth hunt in Hyde County and we’re heading back to Stacy when something caused their plane to divert off course over the Pamlico Sound, head East over OI and then traveled South, radar was lost at 2:01PM just East of Beaufort, NC. Recovery is unlikely, but so far there have been no survivors.

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6 people identified in plane crashes off North Carolina coast, pilot (unknown at this time).

The Coast Guard still searching for an aircraft and its passengers off the coast in Carteret County Sunday afternoon.

Officials said the aircraft crashed into the water approximately 4 miles east of the Drum Inlet at about 2 p.m.

Carteret County officials believe four teens and three adults including the pilot were aboard the aircraft at the time of the crash.

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Reports from the Coast Guard described the aircraft as “behaving erratically” before it disappeared from the radar screen.

The FAA said in a release that a single-engine Pilatus PC-12/47 crashed into the water approximately 18 miles northeast of Michael J. Smith Field in Beaufort around 2 p.m. Sunday.

Coast Guard responds to report of downed aircraft near Drum Inlet, North Carolina

Our heart goes out to Stephanie, Kole, and Hunter’s Family and Friends, Jake Taylor’s Family and Friends, Dailey Shepherd’s Family and Friends, Noah Styron’s Family and Friends, and the Pilot’s (unnamed) Family and Friends.

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They are in God’s hands now, they will be fine- we know that, however, he just needed them sooner than we expected, and it’s hard to take in.