Alleged thief’s hair and mustache were shaved: Muzaffargarh

In Muzaffargarh district of Punjab, the alleged cotton thief was tortured by the farm owners, shaving his hair and mustache.

In Muzaffargarh, a young man was caught and tortured by farm owners for allegedly stealing 5kg of cotton. The accused also made videos of the violence.

The incident took place in Damarwala North area of ​​Jatoi Tehsil in which a man named Muhammad Hussain allegedly stole 5 kg of cotton from a field.

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After stealing cotton, farm owners Ghulam Siddique, Abdul Majeed and Shakeel grabbed Muhammad Hussain and tied him up and shaved his head, eyebrows and mustache. The accused also made videos of torture.

Police have registered a case and arrested the three accused and started investigation into the incident.