Allocation of first ground for cricket, the result of the efforts of a Pakistani-born councilor: Brussels

The first cricket ground in the European capital, Brussels, has been set aside. The ground is dedicated to the efforts of Councilor Amir Naeem of the Brussels Local Municipal Committee Anderlecht, which was inaugurated by the Mayor of the Anderlecht Commune, Fabrice Campus.

Addressing the opening ceremony, he said that football is played all over Europe and Belgium. But they are also aware that the European capital, Brussels, is a multicultural city.

That is why when your councilor Amir Naeem from the Pakistani community drew our attention to the fact that cricket is a well-known sport that is played by millions of people in the world and the Asian community in particular is very interested in this sport. On which we decided that this game should also be highlighted.

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Later, when we found out that there was no ground for the game, it was decided that despite the lack of space, we would take the initiative among the 19 local municipal committees in the capital, Brussels, and help the Pakistani and Asian communities Will provide space for As a result, today these grounds are being reserved for cricket only.

Speaking on the occasion, Councilor Amir Naeem said that out of the three major requirements we had promised at the time of our election, we have managed to get a graveyard and a cricket ground for Muslims. And God willing, we will continue our efforts for the third need, a community center.

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On the occasion, the President of the Belgian Cricket Association, Umair Butt, thanked the Mayor, Councilor Amir Naeem and Councilor in charge of Sports and Grounds, Julian Malike, for their efforts in making the first cricket ground available in a city with a population of over one million. Happened This will give the youth of the Asian community the opportunity to play and participate in the sport of their choice.

On behalf of the Belgian Cricket Association, he along with his Indian and Sri Lankan teammates also presented souvenirs to the special guests. The event was also attended by selected members of the Pakistani community who expressed happiness over the move.