Angelina Jolie’s book on children’s rights ready for launch

World-renowned Hollywood actress and UN special envoy Angelina Jolie has announced that she will be launching a book on children’s rights, No Your Rights, in collaboration with Amnesty International.

Angelina Jolie shared a poster for the new book on the photo and video sharing app Instagram, writing about children’s rights: “It’s a fact you may not know that as a teenager, your rights are the rights of an adult. Are equal to.

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He wrote: ‘Not when you reach adolescence, or when you leave home, or when you get your first job, but when you are a young child, wherever you are, wherever you live, your life Adults are just as important as any other young person on the planet.

“Children have the same rights as adults and should have the power and agency to make that claim,” wrote Angelina Jolie.

She wrote that for the past two years she has been working with Amnesty and Geraldine van Bjrn QC on a book aimed at helping young people speak up for their rights.

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“While preparing this book, he met many such young people and was embarrassed because they have been fighting for their rights for years,” he wrote.

In her post, Angelina Jolie also shared a link on her Instagram account where people who want to buy her book can order it online.