Anil Kapoor drinks snake blood to stay young?

Even after watching 64 springs, Indian actor Anil Kapoor does not look less than a handsome young man today.

Recently, Anil Kapoor participated in a show in which in one segment, host Arbaaz Khan informed Anil Kapoor about people’s opinion about him.

According to public opinion, Anil Kapoor undergoes plastic surgery to keep himself young and drinks snake blood.

After hearing the public opinion of Arbaaz Khan, the actors can’t stop themselves from laughing and ask the host in advance whether it is true or you have given money to the people.

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Arbaaz Khan laughed and said that these are ordinary people, I did not give money to anyone.

Anil Kapoor kept this question as a joke.

It should be noted that the evergreen Indian actor Anil Kapoor has always been challenging for the new generation mainly due to the beautiful look of his age.

Anil Kapoor, a 64-year-old actor, shares his photos on social media for fans, who are also well-liked.

Maintaining their fitness and making them look everlasting also becomes a challenge for young people.