Another 58 Islamabad residents fall ill with dengue virus

Dengue cases continue to rise in Islamabad and 58 more people have fallen ill with the dengue virus in the last 24 hours.

The number of dengue patients in the city has reached 275. Citizens have been directed to take precautionary measures against dengue.

According to DHO Islamabad Dr Zaeem Zia, 58 more citizens have fallen ill with dengue out of which 32 cases were reported in urban areas and 26 cases in rural areas.

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According to the DHO, a large number of dengue patients are being treated at Holy Family, Benazir Bhutto and PIMS Hospital.

There are 126 dengue patients in Holy Family, 40 in Benazir Bhutto Hospital and 32 in PIMS.

It should be noted that 223 citizens have fallen ill with dengue virus in one week in Islamabad.

Rural areas of Islamabad are most affected by dengue, with 178 people infected with the virus, while 97 people have been infected in urban areas.