Apple ignores India, Anupan Kher upset

Bollywood actor Anupan Kher Sekh has been found guilty of not keeping an Indian watch for display in his store by well-known technology company Apple. 

Keep in mind that Apple has Olympic collection watches in its store with the flags of these countries, but it ignored India. 

Indian actor Anupan Kher was upset when he did not see the Indian flag clock in the same store. 

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In this regard, Anupan released a video on the micro-blogging website Twitter in which he is showing the watches in the store. 

“I visited your store in New York, which was great,” Anupan Kher wrote in a statement to Apple. 

He wrote that he was very disappointed not to see the Indian flag here, while he wanted to ask why this happened. They are quite surprised. 

The Indian actor complained that Apple has the largest number of customers in India worldwide. 

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