Arnab Goswami caught lying against Pakistan

Indian journalist Arnab Goswami was once again caught lying against Pakistan on state TV, this time on a conspiracy against Pakistan on state TV which has no basis.

In an episode of The Debate on September 15, Indian journalist Arnab Goswami claimed that his “sources” in Afghanistan had informed him that Pakistani army officers were staying on the fifth floor of the Serena Hotel in Kabul. Are

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Anchor Arnab Goswami not only lied on-screen, but also said, “I can tell from my sources what the officers of the Pakistani forces stationed on the fifth floor called for food.”

The fact is that the hotel that Arnab Goswami is talking about is not even the fifth or the fourth floor. The Serena Hotel in Kabul is a two-story building.

The next day, Pakistani guest Abdul Samad Yaqub, who was attending the same event, challenged the anchor’s sources, saying, “The Serena Hotel in Kabul has only two floors, there is no third, fourth or fifth floor.” But the anchor did not listen to them and got confused.

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The clip, which also features Arnab Goswami and Indian Major General (retd) Gagandeep Bakshi, is going viral on social media.

Arnab Goswami’s name is among the top trends on the Pakistani Twitter trend panel after the false propaganda was exposed.

Pakistanis are trolling him on this false propaganda of Indian anchor.

It should be noted that propaganda, baseless allegations and blatant lies by the Indian extremist media against Pakistan are nothing new