Ayesha Akram was unwell and could not come to jail to identify the accused

The identity of the accused arrested in the case of trespassing on Ayesha Akram in Greater Iqbal Park of Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore could not be paraded in the camp jail.

Prison sources said that the magistrate left after waiting for the victim Ayesha Akram. Ayesha Akram could not come to the jail due to ill health.

The new date for the identity parade is set for September 1.

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The magistrate directed the jail superintendent to make arrangements on the new date.

The families of the arrested suspects protested outside the jail and demanded that the children be released after completing the identification parade.

It should be noted that the identification parade of 141 people detained by the police was to be held today. Ayesha Akram was called to jail for the identification parade.

The incident of assault on Ayesha Akram, a woman tucker at Minar-e-Pakistan, took place on August 14 in Greater Iqbal Park. A case of the incident has been registered against more than 400 people at Lari Ada police station.