Ayesha Akram will identify the accused in jail today

An identity parade will be held today in the camp jail of the accused of trespassing Ayesha Akram in Greater Iqbal Park of Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore for which arrangements have been completed.

The identification parade of 141 people arrested by the police will be held today. Ayesha Akram has been called to jail for the identification parade.

The victim Ayesha Akram will identify the accused in the presence of the magistrate.

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The magistrate has granted judicial remand for the identification parade of the accused.

According to sources, the identified accused will be locked in a separate cell.

Sources also said that after identification, the accused will be produced in court for physical remand.

It is clear that the incident of assault on Ayesha Akram, a woman tucker on Minar-e-Pakistan, took place on August 14.

A case has been registered against more than 400 people in Lari Ada police station.