Ayesha Omar reveals the presence of step siblings on her father’s death anniversary

Famous Pakistani actress and model Ayesha Omar has for the first time revealed the presence of her half-siblings on social media. 

It may be recalled that the actress and model has recently returned home from a tour of the United States where besides her real brother, her half-siblings are also staying. 

A few days ago, Ayesha shared photos with her siblings on the occasion of her father’s birthday and also unveiled this secret of her life. 

Written in a world of sadness, Ayesha said that her father had died when she was less than two years old. 

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He said his mother raised him and his brother alone and took them to where they are today. 

“My mother faced adversity and went through hardships in life, which was never easy and today we have confidence in our families,” she said. 

Regarding the presence of her step-siblings, the actress wrote that her father had died in Karachi many years ago, but she had left four children in mourning. 

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Ayesha wrote that her father had married a British woman before marrying her mother, with whom he had two children, a boy and a girl. 

Ayesha added that her father later married her mother, with whom she and her older brother are. 

“It’s a weird day for me, because I don’t know about it, I just grew up hearing beautiful things about my father,” she said of her father’s birthday. He was a man of good manners, gentle and poetic temperament, but he was also a strong man. 

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She wrote that as she got older and got to know her father and sometimes she felt her father’s presence not around her but inside her, in her feelings, emotions, choices, good and bad moments. And this feeling is now slowly growing. 

He appealed to the fans to pray for the elevation of their father and also pray that Allah protects me and gives me guidance.