Biden cut short his vacation to Washington

Biden will also issue a statement on the situation in Afghanistan.

The news agency says that US President Biden will make a statement in the context of the rapidly changing situation in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, according to media reports, US President Joe Biden was confident until a month ago that the Taliban would not be able to occupy Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US forces.

On July 8, the US president said that Afghan forces were trained and armed, and that there was a possibility of a Taliban takeover.

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President Biden has said that the Taliban will not be able to occupy Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops.

The situation in Afghanistan is currently prominent in the international media, with international newspapers headlining the Taliban’s entry into Kabul.

The British newspaper at the top of the page posted two pictures of the withdrawal of US diplomatic staff, comparing the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and Vietnam.

The Daily Mail posted pictures of the coffins of foreign soldiers killed in the Afghan war and wrote that they left Afghanistan in a few days after 20 years.