Brazil’s Neymar is the most expensive footballer in the world

Do you know who are the most expensive football players in the world? In the next few days, football fans and professionals will be aware of the decision of Argentine football player Lionel Messi to leave FC Barcelona.

At number one in terms of income is 29-year-old Brazilian Neymar, who left FC Barcelona in 2017 to join Paris Saint-Germain for 0 260 million.

France’s 22-year-old Callan Embay is second with 21 211 million, also playing for Paris Saint-Germain.

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Portugal’s Joao Flex, who plays for Madrid’s Atletico, is third with a 148 million contract.

Brazil’s Felipe Coutinho, the FC Barcelona player, is fourth with 14 145 million.

France’s Antoine Griezmann is fifth with 14 141 million, and England’s Jack Gree Luss is sixth with 7 137 million.

 France’s Usman Demle is seventh with 3 123 million, and France’s Paul Pogba is eighth with 3 123 million.

 Wales’ Gareth Bale is ninth with 8 118 million and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo is tenth with 7 117 million.