BTS producers became South Korea’s best paid employees

Kang Huo-wen, producer of the popular all-boys Korean band BTS, has become the highest paid employee in South Korea this year.

According to international media reports, BTS producer Kang Hue One has surpassed some of the country’s richest business leaders.

The band is credited with making billions for the South Korean economy, and last year their label ‘Hib’ stepped into the high-profile stock market.

According to a regulatory filing by the band’s agency, Hib, Kang Hue One, the band’s chief producer of several mega-hits, including “Blood Sweet Entrepreneurs”, “DNA” and “Idol” Earned over 34.2 million.

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According to reports, Kang Hue One has become the highest paid employee in South Korea in the first half of this year.

According to Kang’s company, his wages were about 38 million won in Korean currency, but Kang received 39.9 billion won and 111 million won in concessions from stock options.

South Korea’s popular all-boys Korean band BTS has achieved worldwide success with its new single ‘Dynamite’, which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 last year and topped the US charts. Vala has become South Korea’s first act.