Bushra Ansari stated the true purpose of freedom

Pakistan’s senior actress Bushra Ansari shared a video message on social media on the occasion of Independence Day.

In a video shared by Bushra Ansari on the social media app Instagram, he congratulated the nation on Independence Day and said, They do nothing for their homeland.

We only speak ill of our politicians and rulers. We should think a little bit about what we do, but we don’t pay attention to our responsibilities,” he said.

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Bushra Ansari said in his video message that we have not done anything for education or to reduce the growing population of Pakistan, we should think only for our population that if the resources are less and the population is more then how will the country run. Yes, education is necessary but the country needs to work in many more fields at this time.

Bushra Ansari said that it is not just a matter of making things positive, it is also a matter of doing something positive for the country, taking care of the people of one’s country, helping and thinking of something good for the future.

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He said in the video that we should think for our future generations and create generations that will take Pakistan forward and make its future better than before.

In his video, Bushra Ansari congratulated the nation on independence and said in the message, “Happy Independence Day to all of you. May the 14th of August be much better than this year. Step for the betterment of your country.” Pick up and help with development. ‘