Candlelight vigil held for Gabby Petito in Florida

People in North Port gathered Saturday night for a candlelight vigil to show support for Gabby Petito and her family.

Dozens of people Saturday night gathered to show their support for Gabby Petito’s family in North Port. The crowd went to North Port City Hall for a candlelight vigil.

The goal of the vigil was to focus on Gabby and pray for her.

People brought posters they made, teddy bears and candles to set up near the community tree. 

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People who came to show their support said they are here for Gabby Petito and to show her family they care. 

“Fully here to support Gabby’s family and Gabby. I could care less about the Laundrie family. They know something, they’re refusing to say anything,” Mary Kolin who lives in North Port said.

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“We don’t know [the Petito family] but we’re here to support you. This touches my heart because if it was my kids  I would be over the top. They’re holding it together better than I would,” Kolin added.

People mentioned how they want Brain Laundrie and his family to speak up. 

“All they want to know is where Gabby is and this person won’t tell them and that’s a hard thing,” another North Port resident, Courtney Husling, said.

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Investigators are currently searching for Brian Laundrie as well as Gabby Petito. People hope the search for Laundrie leads them to Gabby. 

“Let the family know something, good or bad, something,” Kolin said.

If you have any information on where Gabby Petito or Brain Laundrie could be, call the FBI.