Chilli spray on protesting medical students, 5 affected

Medical students have protested outside examination centers in Lahore regarding the National Licensing Examination.

A heavy contingent of police was stationed at Barkat Market which sprayed pepper spray on the students, which left five students in critical condition. The students later called off the protest.

Barbed wire and barricades were erected outside the examination center to prevent students from protesting. Medical students chanted slogans against the Pakistan Medical Commission during the protest.

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Police prevented medical students from approaching the examination centers, blocked all roads leading from Kalma Chowk to Barkat Market, and caused severe distress to the citizens.

The protesters demanded that no further examination be passed after passing the medical examination.

Medical students were protesting outside the examination center when police sprayed them with pepper spray.

The protesters claimed that the police had sprayed chemicals on the medical students, which worsened the condition of five students, who were shifted to the hospital.

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The protestors said that no representative of PMC came to talk to the protesting doctors and the sit-in outside PMC will continue till the demands are approved.

Medical students later called off the protest and dispersed.