Chris Gayle will be fed biryani: Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar, a young singer in the Pakistani music industry, has said that when West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle comes to Pakistan, he will feed him biryani.

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle issued a message of support for Pakistan on the return of the New Zealand team from Pakistan without playing cricket.

Chris Gayle, famous all over the world for his aggressive batting, said that he is going to Pakistan tomorrow, who is coming with him?

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While national cricketers responded positively to Chris Gayle’s statement, Pakistani singer Asim Azhar was second to none.

Reacting to Chris Gayle’s statement, Asim Azhar said, “We will welcome you to Pakistan.”

The singer said, ‘Come on! We will show you delicious biryani, wonderful music and hospitable people. “

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It should be noted that this statement of Chris Gayle became a top trend on social media, his statement has also been welcomed by Pakistani players.