Chris Owens cause of death revealed

LEGENDARY street performer of New Orleans Chris Owens died on April 5, 2022.

Chris Owens was known as a street performer on the iconic Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Owens’ publicist Kitsy Adams confirmed to WWLTV that Owens died on that Tuesday due to a heart attack.

The outlet reports that Owens was a street performer on Bourbon Street for seven decades.

The entertainer died on Tuesday at her St. Louis Street home the outlet confirmed.

Owens famously kept her age a secret and the community was always curious of the stars age.

“A woman who will tell her age will tell anything,” Owens would famously say.

The tragic news comes as plans were underway for Owens’ annual Easter parade, which was postponed for two years due to the pandemic.

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Owens held the parade each year since 1983 in the French Quarter in New Orleans. According to Adams, the parade will be held next week in Owens’ honor.

She was known for her endless bouts of energy and mysterious aura, as many guess her age which she famously kept secret.

“A woman who will tell her age will tell anything,” she would often say.

When asked about her age on Tuesday, Adams described Owens as “old enough to do what she wanted and young enough to still do it. Her age was unlisted.”

Owens performed less and less in recent years but visitors still flocked to her nightclub on Bourbon Street.

“I’ve always loved to dance,” she once told the Associated Press. “That’s how it all got started and that’s what keeps it going. It’s the special way your backbone slips when you feel the rhythm. I was born with that.”

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Born Christine Shaw in Abilene, Texas, Owens was one of 8 children. She first came to New Orleans at the age of 15 with her older sister.

After high school, Owens returned to the city, eventually meeting her late husband millionaire car dealer Sol Owens. He died in 1979.

Owens became inspired by the showgirls during her travels to Havana, Cuba. Despite not being a professional dancer, she learned the dance routines and became good enough to be regularly invited on stage.

Owens and her husband were regulars at the Blue Room and Fountain Lounge of the Roosevelt Hotel and, eventually, Sol Owens purchased a club for Owens to perform in.

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“We had big crowds and more and more they would pack around the dance floor to watch Sol and me dance,” said Owens.

“So after a while, we built a stage and I started dancing on it instead of the dance floor. It just went from there.”

Their first club was Club 809, which is still around today.

“Chris Owens, wife of Sol Owens, owner and operator of the 909 Club…leads the Maracca Club members at the 809 in dancing to red hot Latin rhythms,” read The New Orleans States in 1957.

“There is always plenty of action at the 809 Club, particularly when Chris and other girls go into their cha cha routines.”