Clashes between Taliban and resistance forces continue, Afghan media

Afghan media say clashes between the Taliban and resistance forces continue in Panjshir.

According to Afghan media reports, the Taliban attacked the Panjshir check post, which was stopped by resistance forces.

The attack on the Taliban’s Panjshir check post was reported by Afghan media quoting sources close to Ahmad Masood.

Earlier, the British Broadcasting Corporation said that talks between the Taliban and the opposition coalition were underway in Panjshir.

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Jamshed Dasti, spokesman for the Resistance Alliance, claimed that the Taliban had tried to suspend the communications system in Panjshir, adding that dismantling the communications system could cause problems for the Panjshir people.

A spokesman for the resistance coalition said that there was no shortage of daily necessities in Panjshir, the way of life was going on.

Jamshed Dasti said that if the siege of Panj Sher is prolonged, there are backups.

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A spokesman for the resistance coalition said that direct contacts with the Taliban were ongoing and told all mediating forces and personalities that they would not compromise on their rights.