Coal company tortures 11 people, Shahnila Rath

The National Assembly debated the death of Dodo Bheel, a laborer who was tortured by the security guards of Thar Coal Mines Company. Shahnila Rath said that the coal company tortured 11 people and Dodo Bheel was killed.

Shahnila Rath said that when the Hindu community protested, the police charged her with batons and the case was dropped.

Lodpal Bheel, a resident of Dodo Bheel area, said that Dodo Bheel has been accused of theft. There is security at Thar Coal and no one can go there.

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Lajpal Bheel said that the police are involved, Mahesh Malani and the local MNAs are involved.

Shazia Murree said don’t mention Mahesh Malani’s name, he is a member of National Assembly, you are making false allegations, you are a PTI worker, you are not a relative of Dodo Bheel.

Sindh police officials said that the matter was being investigated and that Dodo Bheel’s death was due to violence. The post-mortem report is yet to come.

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Shazia Murree said that the report should be shared with the committee.