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3 SHOOTERs Arrested, 12 people shot in Columbiana Centre mall shooting

SHOOTER Arrested, At least 16 people shot in Columbiana Centre mall shooting



Columbiana Mall shooting leaves 16 people hospitalized as South Carolina cops tell employees to stay in hiding

The Columbia Police Department has confirmed those who were injured are receiving medical attention.

Columbia Police Deputy Chief Melron Kelly said multiple people have been shot but no fatalities have been reported.


Eight people have been taken for medical attention but it’s not certain how many of those were gunshot victims, as some of them may have been trampled in the chaos.

Officers are searching the mall for anyone with a weapon.

Police warned shoppers and employees to remain in hiding until officers came to escort them out of the mall.


Casey Poole told us he was at the mall with friends in the store Buckle when they heard what sounded like rain, but turned out to be gunshots.

They turned around and saw people running from the noise. Store employees locked the doors and held the shoppers in the back.

One of the employees then confirmed to the group there was an active shooter in the mall.


Poole says he’s spoken to other people who were shopping who said: “a couple people were shot and some were trampled.”

He also saw an individual being placed in handcuffs in the parking lot after police surrounded the car with guns drawn.

Poole says an automatic weapon might have been used based on the sound of the gunshots.


There are more than a hundred first responders at the mall and across the street at a command center.

J. Canty, a security guard at the mall, said it is still an active situation as law enforcement works to evacuate the mall.

Canty also said there is the belief a shooter, or shooters, are still inside the mall, which is on a lockdown that could last hours.


Patrol vehicles from Columbia and Irmo police as well as Lexington County Sheriff’s deputies are at the mall.

The mall parking lot was closed as dozens of emergency vehicles arrived in the area.

Law enforcement officers carrying firearms and wearing camouflage vests were seen entering the mall around 3.20pm.


At least one ambulance was seen leaving the mall shortly after 3pm.

The police department tweeted officers are responding to the scene at the mall.

Around 2.30pm the Columbia Police Department reported shots were fired at the Columbiana mall.


Multiple tweets from people claiming to be at the mall say they heard shots near the food court.

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