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Danueal Drayton had sex with Samantha Stewart’s body before using her credit cards to flee across the country’

Danueal Drayton had sex with Samantha Stewart’s body before using her credit cards to flee across the country’



A MAN is accused of murdering a woman after meeting up with her for a Tinder date. Police say, he also allegedly had sex with the woman’s dead body.

Danueal Drayton, 31, has been charged in connection with the death of a nurse from Queens
Samantha Stewart, 29, was found strangled to death inside her home in July 2018

Danueal Drayton, 31, has been charged with strangling and beating 29-year-old Samantha Stewart, a nurse from Queens, at her home after their date in July 2018.

Authorities say Drayton used the woman’s credit card to buy a plane ticket to flee to California as well.

He was arraigned in Queens Supreme Court on an 18-count indictment Friday after he was extradited from Los Angeles. He is facing multiple charges including murder, sexual misconduct and grand larceny.


“This was a brutal crime that makes every person using a dating app fearful,” said Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz.

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The victim was duped into going out on a date with the defendant, who played a charmer online, but was in fact an alleged sexual predator.”

Drayton is originally from New Haven, Connecticut. Prosecutors argue that he murdered Stewart after the two went back to her home on July 16.


After the murder, Drayton allegedly had sex with Stewart’s body before dumping her in a blanket in her bedroom and fled with her credit cards, read the indictment.

Drayton allegedly left the woman’s home in a white van that was found abandoned at JFK Airport the next day. Prosecutors said he flew to Los Angeles after purchasing a ticket with the victim’s credit card.

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He was taken into custody a week later after being found in a North Hollywood hotel room allegedly holding a woman against her will.


Stewart was found by her brothers on July 17, with all her teeth knocked out and her tongue hanging from her mouth.

Before her death, she was working at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset.

“This family deserves justice,” said Katz. “Now back in our custody, this defendant will be held to account for his alleged actions.”

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If convicted, Drayton faces up to 25 years to life in prison. His next court date is on Mary 25.

He is charged with murder in the second degree, grand larceny, petit larceny, sexual misconduct, identity theft, unlawful possession of personal identification information and criminal possession of stolen property.

According to the New York Daily News, while being interviewed by police in Los Angeles, Drayton admitted to killing at least six other people – two in Connecticut and four in New York.


However, police haven’t been able to find proof of these claims.

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