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David Bonola confessed love for mom during 2-year affair before killing Orsolya Gaal

David Bonola confessed love for mom during 2-year affair before killing her Orsolya Gaal



David Bonola charged in the brutal stabbing death of an NYC mom gushed over her in posts on social media, telling her he “loved” her and sending her songs with now ominous-seeming lyrics.

David Bonola, 44, was charged on Thursday with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon in relation to the death of Orsolya Gaal, 51, who was found dead in Queens on Saturday.

Police sources told that Bonola confessed to the crime during an interrogation on Wednesday night, allegedly telling investigators he killed her in the heat of an argument.

David Bonola, 44, was charged on Thursday with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession

Bonola also told cops he had been having an affair with Gaal on and off for the last two years.

Posts on Gaal’s Facebook page show Bonola publicly gushing over the married mother, commenting on a photo of her in Guatemala in April 2019 and writing: “Love these streets and architecture! [sic] That landscape and the Giant Volcano. , and you [heart emoji].”

Posts on Gaal's Facebook page show Bonola publicly gushing over the married mother

In a comment posted on a different photo months later in July 2019, Bonola wrote: “She is the most beautiful woman.”

Similar fawning messages are seen on posts from May 2020.

Under a childhood photo of Gaal, Bonola wrote “Hola” with a heart emoji.

In another post, he wrote, “[music note emoji] Tu mirada enamorada”, which translates roughly to “your look in love.”

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The comment appears to be a reference to the 1999 song Tu Mirada by Luis Miguel.


In the song, Miguel croons: “Your gaze in love / In my dreams entangled / It is passion wrapped in fire / Like wind through the flames.”

Later in the song, Miguel repeats: “It is passion wrapped in fire / Because without you I am nothing.”

During a press conference on Thursday morning, investigators confirmed Gaal and Bonola had been having an “intimate affair” on and off again for the last two years.

It’s unclear specifically when and how the affair started, but law enforcement sources previously told that Bonola once worked as a handyman for Gaal and lived close by to her.

That account was confirmed by the NYPD on Thursday, who added Bonola was known to Gaal’s family.

According to investigators, Bonola stopped by to see Gaal in the early hours of Saturday morning to discuss their relationship. They had briefly reunited in April but their tryst was “considered at an end”, Deputy Chief Julie Morrill said.

During that conversation, police say Bonola and Gaal started arguing about “domestic things” when a knife was pulled and a violent struggle ensued.


Gaal was then stabbed “ruthlessly” and “brutally” 58 times, suffering wounds to her neck, body, arm, and hands.

Police recovered a knife at the scene that appeared to be from Gaal’s home, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig told reporters.

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Bonola then allegedly retrieved a hockey bag belonging to Gaal’s son and stuffed her body inside, wheeling it down the street for half a mile before discarding it near Forest Park.

From there, police say Bonola fled through the park and discarded of a blood-stained jacket they believe he was wearing at the time of the murder.

Bloodied boots, a t-shirt, and bandages were also near Gaal’s home.

The suspect received treatment for wounds to both of his hands in an area hospital the following morning.


Bonola was taken into custody on Wednesday night. He voluntarily went to the 112th precinct to be questioned where he made “incriminating statements” Essig said.

Essig didn’t elaborate on what those statements were but did say that Bonola confessed to sending a text from Gaal’s phone to her husband, threatening to kill the rest of the family.

An NYPD source earlier told us that Bonola confessed to killing Gaal following an argument inside the basement of the home. He also told cops they’d been having an affair, the source said.

Bonola was taken into custody on Wednesday night and made incriminating statements

“This case is still ongoing,” Essig said. “We are still awaiting forensics evidence and are canvassing for more videos as we speak. But detectives, through interviews, videos, and the public’s help, and specifically the Queens DA, Melinda Katz, and her staff, who have been with us every step of the way, were able to quickly take this killer off the street.

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“I just want to assure the public and especially the residents of Forest Hills that there are no outstanding suspects at this time.”

Bonola was marched out of the 112th precinct on Thursday morning, with his hand behind his back and chains around his ankles.

He remained silent and stone-faced as he was led into the back of an unmarked police car.


Earlier Thursday, police released an image of Bonola walking down the street with a face mask on and bandages on his hand.

They also released pictures of the knife they believed he used to bring Gaal’s life to a tragic and brutal end.

Fawning messages are seen on posts from May 2020

Gaal’s family has not yet spoken publicly to address the arrest of Bonola.

Her husband Howard Klein was out of town touring prospective colleges with their eldest son at the time of her death.

Their youngest son, 13, was believed to be upstairs in bed when his mother was killed.

He was temporarily detained by police after Gaal’s body was found but released a short while later.