Effective ways to keep mosquitoes away and prevent dengue

Dengue, malaria and chicken pox are the most common diseases caused by mosquito bites. The monsoon is certainly pleasant, which makes the weather beautiful, but it also breeds mosquitoes, and mosquito bites cause more cases of these diseases. 

In this monsoon season, experts have come up with three natural ways to protect yourself from diseases like dengue.

Health experts say that these natural methods may not be 100% effective, but using them can reduce your risk of getting dengue and malaria.

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Here are some effective ways to protect yourself from mosquito bites:

Avoid going to standing water:

If possible, get rid of standing water in your home and even in your area. Standing water attracts mosquitoes and increases the risk of mosquito bites.

Mosquito repellent creams:

Mosquito repellent creams can also provide temporary protection from mosquito bites and you should apply them before going to bed or several times a day so that mosquitoes do not come near you and you are protected from diseases like dengue.

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Essential oil: 

  • Lavender oil brings sleep and is also great for repelling mosquitoes. It has a soothing effect and a strong scent that repels mosquitoes by 80 to 90% in three to four hours.
  • Peppermint oil can also help repel mosquitoes. The same is true of lemon grass oil, this essential oil can be used as a diffuser in your room as an effective mosquito repellent to prevent dengue and malaria.
  • Tea tree oil repels mosquitoes and also helps to relax mosquito bites. Experts say that you should try to apply tea tree oil immediately after a mosquito bite. It may not prevent dengue or malaria (if you are bitten by an infected mosquito) but it can help reduce mosquito bites and reduce skin effects.
  • Neem oil is another great mosquito repellent. You can apply it on the skin and it is 100% effective in repelling mosquitoes.