Election Commission rejects use of electronic voting machine

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has rejected the use of electronic voting machines.

The Election Commission has raised 37 objections in the Senate Parliamentary Committee on the use of electronic voting machines in elections.

The ECP has submitted a detailed report on the objections to the EVM to the Senate Standing Committee.

The report said that free, transparent and credible elections could not be held through electronic voting machine as per the constitution.

The ECP said that the electronic voting machine cannot prevent fraud, it can be hacked, the machine can be easily tampered with, its software can be easily changed.

The Election Commission said that this machine could not stop election fraud, state powers could be misused, it could prevent ballot stuffing, buying and selling of votes.

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The ECP said in the meeting that there is no secrecy of voting in the electronic voting machine, no transparency of voters, no transparency, no testing time before the next general election, no stakeholders agree, no confidence of the people and no country. Funding is available throughout.

The ECP said in the report that there would be no proper confidentiality of ballot papers on the electronic voting machine and the identity of the voter would not remain anonymous from the electronic voting machine.

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The ECP said in its report that the software and hardware of the electronic voting machine could not be seen.

The ECP said that the use of EVMs would cost a minimum of Rs 150 billion, adding that despite spending a lot of money, the transparency and credibility of the elections would remain in doubt.

The ECP objected that the software of the machines could be changed in the warehouse and transportation, adding that the transparency in the black box could be questioned.

The ECP said that there could be questions about the usability of the machine everywhere, there would be questions on the transfer and safety of the machine.

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The ECP said in a report that it would not be possible to hold elections in one day with so many machines, voter education and technology would also be hampered while there was no consensus among stakeholders on EVMs.

The ECP said that at the same time, the court order changes the ballot, it will be difficult at that time, the EVM may delay the results, the media may distrust NGOs and civil society.

The ECP said in the report that repairing the machines for any reason could lead to election rigging. How can you be sure that the electronic voting machine is honest?