Extremists in India brutally torture Muslim Minhiar

In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a Muslim manhiyar (bangle seller) was brutally tortured by angry people for allegedly using a Hindu name. 

According to media reports, a Muslim selling a bangle called Taslim was also accused of having two Aadhaar cards. 

On the other hand, the Home Minister of this Indian state, which claims to be a so-called secular state, also defended the Hindu extremists. 

Home Minister Marutam Mishra, in his statement, argued that when someone falsely claims to change name, caste and religion, then such bitterness will arise. 

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On the other hand, he was seen saying that the incident should not be given a religious color. 

According to reports, not only did the enraged extremists torture the Muslim bangle seller but also snatched a huge sum of Rs 10,000 from him. 

In this regard, videos circulating on social media can be seen that angry people are beating Taslim while dragging him on the street. 

Angry people were seen chanting religious slogans while none of the spectators dared to save the man. 

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The victim then lodged a complaint with the police against the angry mob, saying that the accused first asked him his name and as soon as he mentioned his name, he started beating him. 

Taslim said in his petition that the angry mob not only snatched Rs 10,000 from him but also smashed the bangles he had for sale.