Facilitate the Taliban, foreigners and Afghans leaving Afghanistan, EU

The governments of the European Union and 40 other countries have urged the Taliban to facilitate foreigners and Afghans leaving Afghanistan.

The European Union (EU) and other countries around the world are urging those in Afghanistan at the moment to consider the possibility of foreign nationals and Respect the safe and orderly evacuation of Afghans and facilitate those who want to leave the country.

The statement did not name the Taliban, but said that “those who have power and authority throughout Afghanistan are responsible for the protection of human life and property, security and the immediate restoration of civil order.” Is imposed.

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The statement added that Afghan and international citizens who want to leave should be free to do so. Roads, airports and border crossings should remain open and calm maintained.

“The Afghan people deserve to live in safety, security and dignity, and the international community stands ready to assist them,” the statement added.

On the other hand, following the tweet of the European Spokesperson regarding this statement and the retweet of it by the Ambassador of the European Union to Pakistan, Dr. Moeed Yousaf, Pakistan’s National Security Advisor, assured in his tweet that a responsible person of the international world. As a country and realizing its moral responsibility, it will continue to provide all possible facilities to international missions, media outlets, international organizations and others in this regard.