Faisal Qureshi angry over those who spread false news about Omar Sharif

Leading actor Faisal Qureshi has expressed anger over those who spread baseless news regarding the death of comedy king Omar Sharif.

For the past few days, a picture of Omar Sharif in a wheelchair has been circulating on social media, after which fans were worried about his health.

Yesterday, some pages with reference to Omar Sharif had claimed that he had passed away. After watching this baseless news, Faisal Qureshi was shocked and shared a video message and tweet.

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Faisal Qureshi in his video message said that people should refrain from spreading false news about Omar Sharif, Omar Sharif is in very good condition and his treatment is still going on.

He also warned his fans not to follow such news sharing pages

In a tweet, Faisal Qureshi had also clarified that Omar Sharif is unwell, he is in hospital but the news of his death is baseless.