FBI have video believed to show Gabby Petito’s van in Grand Teton National Park

Gabby Petito’s family have posted a notice on the Find Gabby Facebook page saying a video that shows a white van at a campground in Grand Teton National Park on August 27 is with the FBI.

The vehicle in the footage appears to be the converted camper van that Ms Petito and her fiancé Brian Laundrie had been living in as they travelled across the country before Ms Petito’s disappearance.

The post said: “We believe this is the van for multiple reasons. Please do not clog up the tip line with the same video. This is in the hands of the right people,” adding “Thank you so much, this is exactly why we are asking people to review older photos and video.”

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A family found the clip after looking through recordings they had taken while in the Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area of the park on August 27.

They posted the footage on YouTube with a caption explaining it had been taken in the camping area in the early evening that day.

“We had passed by a white van with Florida Plates. We noticed it because we are originally from Florida and wanted to stop and say hi. When we passed the van, all the lights were off and it didn’t look like anyone was there. We ended up leaving because we couldn’t find a spot,” the caption read.

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Gabby’s father posts video of her from 2019

Joseph Petito has posted a video of his daughter Gabby from when she was 20 and worked at a New York café.

The video of her in 2019, which was recorded by the café’s general manager for the venue’s anniversary, shows her relatively calm and at ease compared to recent police bodycam footage.

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The police footage showed her extremely distressed after an incident with her fiancé Brian Laundrie, before she went missing.