Fiancé Brian Laundrie could potentially hide in Florida reserve swamps ‘for months’ say police

North Port Police Department spokesperson Josh Taylor has said that it’s possible Brian Laundrie could hide out in the swamps of the Carlton Reserve “for months.”

The fiancé of Gabby Petito, who has also gone missing, is thought to have headed to Florida’s Carlton Reserve. His family told investigators they believe he entered the area earlier this week.

“It’s muddy, it’s wet, there are a few unpaved dirt roads that are out there basically running along the power lines,” Mr Taylor said.

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“You could be out here for months if you wanted,” he added.

Family members said they believed Laundrie went to the reserve with only a backpack and that he took his car, although the vehicle was found at the family home, adding to the many questions that surround his disappearance.

“Certainly we prepare for all different possibilities, but our goal is to locate him and bring him back to North Port,” Mr Taylor said.

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