Which sports event is the focus of attention now after the Tokyo Olympics?

The Olympic Games came to an end, with all events held without spectators, simply to stop the spread of the corona virus. 

The spectators did not go to the stadium to watch this event, which is popular all over the world, but they continued to enjoy television and live streaming from this event. 

The Tokyo Olympics have come to an end with their full spectacles, but since then the world’s most popular events have focused on the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

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In the run-up to the upcoming FIFA World Cup, questions are being raised about the precautionary measures and various issues posed by Covid 19. 

On the one hand, due to the growing number of cases in Japan, the Olympics were played without spectators, while the organizers of the football World Cup, which will take place almost a year and a half later, are insisting that the event be played with full stadiums. 

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It is expected that the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be the first sports event to be played with full spectators after the corona virus was exposed and the ban imposed due to it. 

“Whatever it is, I hope there will be spectators in the stadium, including foreigners,” said Daniel Richie, an associate producer at Georgetown University of Qatar. 

He also said that Qatar has been a pioneer in organizing sports competitions during the Corona epidemic and has also organized several sports events.