The first Corona case of the year, a lockdown in Canberra

A week-long lockdown has been imposed in the Australian capital, Canberra, following the first case of the corona virus this year.

The death toll from the recent corona virus outbreak in Australia has risen to 36 after two more deaths.

Delta warrants for the corona virus continue to spread in the Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne, leading to further tightening of restrictions in the Sydney area, which is already locked down.

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According to the foreign news agency, the authorities of the Australian state of New South Wales have expressed their intention to call in more military personnel to enforce the lockdown laws.

In New South Wales, 345 cases of local relocation have been confirmed, with most reported in the provincial capital, Sydney.

It should be noted that the total number of deaths due to corona virus outbreak in Australia has reached 947, where a total of 37,754 cases have been reported so far.

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On the other hand, the number of people infected with the corona virus worldwide has reached 205,534,964, while the death toll from this deadly virus has risen to 4,337,522.

Around the world, 1,66,99,618 patients with corona virus are being treated in hospitals, quarantine centers and in isolation at home, of which 12,001 patients are in critical condition and 184,497,824. Corona patients have recovered.