Fish turned the fisherman into a millionaire overnight

In India, a fisherman was turned into a millionaire by 150 fish overnight. 

This farmer from Palghar in Mumbai may not have even dreamed that his fortune would change like this and he would get crores of rupees in exchange for his caught fish. 

Chandrakant Tar, a fisherman, took his boat to sea for the first time since the monsoon season on August 28. 

While fishing, when he noticed that his net was heavy, he immediately pulled it out. 

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All the fishermen in the boat were surprised to see that the man had caught about 150 swarms of fish at once. 

This fish is in high demand due to its extinction in many countries, while this fish is used to make medicines and some parts of it are also used to make very expensive items. 

This type of fish was also called the “golden hearted fish”. 

The people in the boat were overjoyed to see such a large number of fish caught as they began to capture these precious moments of their lives through the eyes of the camera. 

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When the fishermen reached home from the sea, their fish were put up for auction and sold for INR 13.3 million. 

Chandrakant Tara’s son confirmed the agreement on the sale of fish, but said it had not been finalized.