Fisherman accused of throwing dead body back into sea

Greek fisherman arrested after netting dead body then dumping it back in the sea

A fisherman in Greece has been arrested after catching a dead underwater fisherman in his net and throwing the body back to sea, the coastguard said Monday.

The incident happened on Sunday, the same day that a 74-year-old man, who had been out spear fishing in shallow waters, was reported missing near the coast of Pelion, central Greece.

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“The 74-year-old was pulled up … and thrown back while still inside the net,” the coastguard said in a statement. Three patrol boats were sent out to search for the body, which was eventually located by a diver.

The 52-year-old fisherman would be prosecuted for allegedly failing to report the discovery of a dead person, the coastguard said.

Pelion is one of Greece’s most popular travel destinations, drawing thousands of visitors annually to its forests and beaches.

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Spearfishing, a practice that dates back thousands of years, is popular in parts of the Mediterranean.