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Frank James videos about ‘WW3’ before Brooklyn subway shooting

Frank James videos about ‘WW3’ before Brooklyn subway shooting



FRANK James, 62, the person of interest in the Brooklyn subway shooting Tuesday morning, said that he had been through the city’s mental health system.

In a video posted to YouTube directed towards NYC Mayor Eric Adams, James explains that he experienced emotional violence that would make someone “go get a gun and shoot motherf******”

James’ YouTube channel, which now sits at over 500 subscribers, has multiple lengthy videos where he speaks on race, politics and gun violence. 

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James was named a person of interest in the incident during a press conference with law enforcement Tuesday afternoon.


He has not been accused of anything related to the crime. The NYPD have said that they just want to speak with him.

Police are asking anyone with any information about James’ whereabouts to call them at 1-800-577-TIPS. A $50,000 reward is being offered up for any information that leads police to James.

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A Glock 17, three Glock magazines, shell casings, bullets, two detonated smoke grenades, two undetonated ones, a hatchet and a U-Haul key was found at the scene, police said.


The key is what led investigators to the van, which was found in Brooklyn, however, its connection to the case is currently unknown.


In a video addressed to Adams, James warned the mayor that his “blueprint for ending gun violence” was “doomed to fail.”

“Because I see some serious flaws in his plan,” said James. “I don’t know about some of it. I know part of it is definitely flawed and it’s doomed to failure.”


He then talks specifically about issues of mental health, which Adams has spoken about in the past.

“I’m also an expert on that, because – not only am I an expert, but I’m also a f****** patient. A mental health patient as well,” said James.

In another video where James appears to be driving a large truck, James claims that he has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.


“I have been in crisis, as a patient. I have a diagnosis that goes back to 1980, and I have been in crisis. I have acted out, so to speak, to the point where I had to be locked up because I was using illegal narcotics, I’ll just say.”

James also said that he has not “had an episode since that time.”

However, he said that he spent time in the city’s mental health treatment centers, claiming there was violence going on in those places.


“…not physical violence, but the same kind of violence that’s similar to what a child may experience in grade school.” 

He then described a situation in which “people keep talking and picking, picking, picking to the point where they go and get a gun and shoot motherf******. That kind of violence.”