Gabby Petito: Police found note in Brian Laundrie’s car after disappearance

The family of Brian Laundrie, who has allegedly been missing for a number of days amid the search for his girlfriend Gabby Petito, have said they found a note on his vehicle from police asking it to be removed.

The 23-year-old, who police in North Police, Florida, last week named as person of interest in the disappearance of Ms Petito, 22, was said to have gone missing last Tuesday or Wednesday.

An attorney for the Laundrie family reportedly told ABC7 and Fox news that he told them he was going on a hike in the nearby Carlton Reserve, and failed to return to his parents home.

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When they went looking for him on Wednesday, they allegedly found only his vehicle parked by the reserve, and police had put a note on the car asking for it to be removed, it was claimed.

The family are thought to have left the vehicle there, in case he returned to it, it was reported.

It comes after investigators found a body “consistent” with that of Ms Petitio – nine days after she was reported missing after her boyfriend, Mr Laundrie, returned alone from a road trip with her.

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