Gabby Petito: Police hunt woman missing from trip with fiance

Gabby Petito: Search for missing woman continues

US authorities are searching for a Florida woman who went missing during a road trip with her fiancé.

22-year-old Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito has not spoken to her family since late August, when she was travelling with her boyfriend in Wyoming.

Police say her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, 23, who has returned home, is now a person of interest in the case.

The couple had been documenting their cross-country campervan trip on social media.

Mr Laundrie returned to their Florida home on 1 September, police say. Ms Petito’s parents reported her missing 10 days later.

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But police say Mr Laundrie is refusing to speak to them about her disappearance.

Gabby Petito’s father Jon has told ‘Fox & Friends First’ on Thursday that his main priority is “to make sure we get my daughter home first.” Then, he says, “we’ll start worrying about Brian” Laundrie, whom police in North Port, Fla., have named as a person of interest in the case. 

Petito’s last known location was Aug. 25 in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Laundrie, meanwhile, drove back to the Florida Gulf Coast town of North Port, where their trip began, on Sept. 1, and the van was recovered by police at his family’s home on Sept. 11. 

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“I don’t care what happens to him right now,” Jon Petito said about Laundrie. “That can’t be my primary focus if he’s going to sit in the comfort of his home, you know, and get home cooked meals, why my daughter’s out, you know, God knows where, you know, I don’t give two craps about him.” 

“I got to be out there to help her, because the one person who is supposed to be leading the charge is sitting home in his lazy boy chair, you know, not talking to anybody,” Jon Petito added. 

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Police in Utah reportedly have released bodycam footage showing officers interacting with Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie after a witness called 911 around two weeks before she disappeared to report a “possible domestic violence” incident. 

The video shows officers from the Moab City Police Department talking to a visibly distraught Petito – and Laundrie – after they pulled their white van over, according to ABC7. 

Police immediately separated the pair before they each described the incident that prompted the 911 call, the station adds.