Punjab Assembly: Government and opposition members exchange harsh words

In the Punjab Assembly, government and opposition members exchanged harsh words against each other, sharply blaming each other and chanting slogans in the House.

In the Punjab Assembly, a commotion broke out in the House over the statement of PML-N MPA Malik Arshad. Malik Arshad said that the PTI government did not want to control drugs.

On the statement of Malik Arshad, the government members started making noise and commotion in the House. Slogans of thieves were raised in the House.

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Government members demanded that the words spoken against their leader be withdrawn and said that the words should be withdrawn otherwise the proceedings of the meeting would not be allowed to proceed.

Provincial Law Minister Raja Basharat demanded expulsion of Malik Arshad from the House and said that Malik Arshad should be expelled otherwise the House was not allowed to function.

Members of the government and the opposition exchanged harsh words on the occasion, sharply blaming each other and chanting slogans in the House.

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Government member in the House Mian Mahmood Rashid said that if language was used against Imran Khan, he would pull his tongue out.

Noon League member Malik Arshad said that there is no narcotics office in any district, the government is showing us a red flag.

On this, the provincial minister Raja Basharat said that if the PML-N has to fight, they will come out of the assembly and will fight them. ۔

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Following the commotion in the Punjab Assembly, Chairman Pebble adjourned the meeting for 15 minutes.